Revive & Prosper: Innovative RTS Survival Game by Mystiqular

Dive into the captivating world of Revive & Prosper, a real-time strategy survival game developed by Mystiqular. As the guiding force, shape the destiny of a group of survivors in a wasteland, crafting an oasis of prosperity and automation. Utilize voxel graphics, water, and industrial prowess to create a thriving paradise amidst the ruins. Immerse yourself in a third-person adventure, balancing resource control, automation, and ecosystem management in this must-play indie game.

General Information

Developer - Mystiqular

Publisher - Mystiqular

Genre - Base Building, Survival, Automation, 3D, Building, Sandbox, Voxel

Platform(s) - PC

Date Released - Q4 2023

Available On


Mutants go to work! Gather resources, build a base, automate, and optimize in Revive & Prosper, a voxel base-building strategy game. Remodel terrain and cultivate food with 6 mutants and their golem sidekicks. Produce and deliver by belts and catapults. Can you revive and prosper?

Crafting Paradise Amidst Ruins

In Revive & Prosper, you step into the role of a divine guide, controlling the fate of survivors in a barren wasteland. Played in the immersive third-person perspective, you act as a god, orchestrating the revival of a once-doomed world. Utilize the power of water, dig irrigation canals, and construct pipelines to transform desolate landscapes into thriving paradises.

Voxel Graphics and Creative Freedom:

With voxel graphics at your disposal, craft a world from the ground up. Dig, place soil, and manipulate water and acid elements to shape the environment. Unleash your creativity as you design a prosperous base, employing innovative solutions and efficient adaptations to maximize survival.

Industrial Automation and Mutant Allies:

Embark on an industrial journey where automation and resource management are paramount. Utilize mutants and golem helpers to mine, construct, and automate various processes. Summon tireless Golem-Sidekicks, invaluable allies aiding you in your endeavors. Develop a harmonious ecosystem where building, producing, and harvesting seamlessly blend together.

Goal-Oriented Strategy and Customization:

Revive & Prosper offers a goal-based experience, challenging you with objectives and obstacles to overcome. Balance interconnected mechanics, ensuring changes in one system don't disrupt the delicate equilibrium. The game's intricate design empowers players to unleash their strategic prowess, customizing solutions for optimal results.

Innovative Features and Endless Possibilities:

Creative Base Building:

Construct a thriving base amidst landscapes revived with the power of water, emphasizing creativity and innovation.

Delivering Catapults:

Utilize delivering catapults to enhance your industrial endeavors, providing new possibilities and challenges.


Summon tireless Golem-Sidekicks, indispensable beings assisting you in your work and contributing to your success.

Living Ecosystem:

Immerse yourself in a living ecosystem, where building, producing, and harvesting blend seamlessly, creating a dynamic and immersive experience.

Revive & Prosper promises an innovative blend of strategy, creativity, and automation. As you delve into the challenges of rebuilding in a post-apocalyptic world, discover the endless possibilities and craft a thriving paradise amidst the ruins. Are you ready to embark on this industrial adventure and breathe life back into the wasteland?

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