RIFTSTORM: Dive Into Co-op Chaos in this Top-Down Action Shooter | Mythic Protocol

Embark on an intergalactic adventure with RIFTSTORM, a co-op top-down action shooter by Mythic Protocol. As an elite secret operative, face cosmic threats, hunt supernatural creatures, and explore strange new worlds. Experience intense roguelite combat, team up for thrilling co-op PvE, and master the unknown in this instant-action, long-term mastery game.

General Information

Developer - Mythic Protocol

Publisher - Mythic Protocol

Genre - Action Roguelike, Action RPG, Roguelite, Co-op, PvE, Sci-fi, Shooter

Platform(s) - PC ( Steam )

Date Released - Coming soon

Available On


In Riftstorm, join forces in a co-op top-down action shooter, taking control as an elite secret operative filled with threats beyond the cosmos. Hunt down supernatural creatures and explore strange new worlds beyond our own.

Interstellar Co-op Mayhem

In RIFTSTORM, the cosmos comes alive with co-op chaos. Take on the role of an elite secret operative in this top-down action shooter, where threats beyond our understanding await. Engage in intense roguelite combat, weaving through cosmic encounters, and customize each run to your operative's strengths. The unknown is your battleground, filled with myths and nightmares.

Dynamic Roguelite Combat:

The heart of RIFTSTORM beats with intense roguelite combat. Shoot, dodge, and adapt to ever-changing challenges as you traverse strange new worlds. Each mythic encounter and rift incursion presents a unique set of threats and opportunities. Customize your operative's abilities, experiment with playstyles, and emerge victorious in the face of cosmic peril.

Cooperative PvE Thrills:

Prove that teamwork conquers all as you embark on thrilling cooperative play. Team up with allies to face increasingly challenging encounters, each demanding strategic coordination and skillful execution. The more you conquer together, the greater the rewards. In RIFTSTORM, the best operatives achieve more together.

Instant Action, Long-term Mastery:

RIFTSTORM strikes a balance between instant action and long-term mastery. Jump into the chaos at your own pace, experiencing the adrenaline of intense encounters. Build on your skills and reflexes over time, evolving into a master operative capable of navigating the unknown with precision and expertise.

Myths and Nightmares Unleashed:

Arm yourself for a journey into a realm where myths and nightmares take tangible form. In the universe of RIFTSTORM, supernatural entities are known as Mythics, and you are an Operative facing them head-on. Peer into the unknown, confront cosmic horrors, and emerge as a legendary operative in a world teeming with secrets and challenges.

RIFTSTORM by Mythic Protocol is more than a game; it's an interstellar odyssey. Immerse yourself in the cosmic chaos of this top-down action shooter, where cooperative mayhem, dynamic roguelite combat, and the mysteries of the unknown converge. Join the ranks of elite operatives, face the myths and nightmares, and become a master of the RIFTSTORM.

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