Roterra 4 - Magical Revolution: Play on App Store & Steam by DiG-iT! Game

Experience a fairytale world like never before with Roterra 4 - Magical Revolution! This latest addition to the award-winning puzzle game series

General Information

Developer - DiG-iT! Games

Publisher - DiG-iT! Games

Genre - Casual, Puzzle, Family Friendly, Logic, Female Protagonist, Exploration, 3D

Platform(s) - Steam, App Store

Date Released - 30 Mar, 2023

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Roterra 4—Magical Revolution is the newest member of the Roterra® family of award winning puzzle games. Offering 35 levels of all new hand-built puzzles that intensify the perspective challenging journey through this fairytale world of gravity twists, scrambled paths and rotating blocks.

Get ready for an enchanting adventure with Roterra 4 - Magical Revolution, the newest addition to the award-winning puzzle game series by DiG-iT! Games.

This captivating game offers 35 levels of all-new hand-built puzzles that will challenge your perspective with gravity twists, scrambled paths, and rotating blocks. In this fairytale world, you'll explore mysterious lava-filled caves, icy extremes, and devastating deserts as you interact with the world of Roterra in new and exciting ways.

This game features over 70 unique puzzles that will test your skills and problem-solving abilities. You'll have to ride polar bears, fend off attacking scorpions, and even spin your world upside down to solve each level. The game introduces new mechanics, including a Penrose staircase maze that will challenge you in new ways.

Roterra 4 continues the series' engaging level design and introduces more team-play and multi-character puzzles. With support for controllers, graphics improvements, and new environments, this is the largest game in the series, offering hours of playtime.

Designed by Suzi Keehn, the founder and lead designer of DiG-iT! Games, Roterra® games pull from Suzi's experience designing critical thinking games and are inspired by the 16th-century poem "Orlando Furioso," which focuses on strong female characters who challenge medieval perceptions of women. Play Roterra 4 - Magical Revolution now and join the fun on this journey of mind-bending puzzles.

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