Ruinarch by Maccima Games and Squeaky Wheel Studio Inc now on Steam

Create chaos and control the narrative in Ruinarch - an evil overlord simulator. Spread rumors, unleash monsters and generate your own story in epic proportions

General Information

Developer - Maccima Games

Publisher - Squeaky Wheel Studio Inc

Genre - Early Access, Villain Protagonist, God Game, Colony Sim, Base Building, Simulation, Politics

Platform(s) - PC, Steam

Date Released - 25 Aug, 2020

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Ruinarch is an evil overlord simulator with a focus on story generation. Take control of the narrative by spreading rumors, unleashing monsters, and creating chaos on an epic scale!

Step into the shoes of an evil overlord in Ruinarch, a simulation sandbox game that lets you create chaos and conflicts in procedurally generated fantasy worlds.

Inspired by Rimworld and Dwarf Fortress, storytelling is at the heart of this game as you weave tales of anguish and humor.

Choose from three overlord archetypes, each with a unique playstyle, and experiment by combining destructive spells to unleash your personalized cocktail of destruction. Upgrade your portal by interacting with the world and produce Chaotic Energy to gain permanent access to more powers.

Afflict villagers with flaws, spawn monsters to kidnap and harass them, spread malicious info, and even start a zombie apocalypse. Brainwash prisoners to become cultists and turn villagers into vampires and werewolves. In Ruinarch, the world is your playground as you use infernal tools to toy with people's lives and relationships.

ruinarch ruinarch

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