Saleblazers: Open World Survival Shopkeeping RPG - Explore, Build, and Thrive | Airstrafe Interactive

Dive into Saleblazers, the open world survival shopkeeping RPG by Airstrafe Interactive. From battling cowboys to crafting cozy shops, embark on a multiplayer adventure. Build an empire, face challenging bosses, and create a retail haven. Will you survive the island, stock your shelves, and escape the perilous environment?

General Information

Developer - Airstrafe Interactive

Publisher - Airstrafe Interactive

Genre - Early Access, Crafting, Action, Open World Survival Craft, Online Co-Op, Capitalism, Base Building

Platform(s) - PC (steam)

Date Released - 29 Sep, 2023

Available On


Saleblazers is an open world survival shopkeeping simulation RPG for 1-8 players. Survive against cowboys, samurai, and demons while building a cozy shop!

Survive and Build

In Saleblazers, the gaming landscape evolves beyond the ordinary. It's an open-world survival shopkeeping RPG that challenges you to thrive against the odds. From facing off against cowboys, samurai, and demons to crafting your cozy shop, every step is an adventure. Whether you're a solo entrepreneur or part of an 8-player team, the perilous island environment awaits your creativity and resilience.

Narrative Campaign:

Embark on a treacherous journey across diverse biomes – from lush forests to scorching deserts and snowy mountains. Navigate a captivating narrative campaign that unfolds as you build your shop and face the challenges that each biome holds.

Challenging Boss Battles:

Test your combat skills against three formidable bosses. Adapt your strategy and overcome these challenges to progress through the game.

Automated Operations:

Hire NPC employees to automate and optimize your store operations. From managing stock to serving customers, build an efficient team to maximize your profits.

Electricity Generators:

Progress to the late game by building electricity generators. Power up advanced items like self-checkout machines to streamline your store's efficiency.

Unique Handcrafted Biomes:

Discover handcrafted biomes, each with its own stories and challenges. From bamboo forests to snowy mountains, the Saleblazers world is diverse, immersive, and waiting to be explored.

Dynamic AI Customers:

Sell your goods to dynamically reactive AI customers, each with unique personalities, needs, and fears. Adapt your offerings to cater to a diverse range of customers, from budget-conscious college students to adventurous tourists.

Diverse Playstyles:

Wield a variety of items as weapons and hone in on unique roles and playstyles. Whether you prefer an agile hack-and-slash approach or a slower, harder-hitting style, Saleblazers caters to your preferences.

Relaxing Activities:

For those seeking a calmer experience, engage in relaxing activities like farming and fishing. Cultivate your garden and gather resources to kickstart your shopkeeping empire.

PvP Invasions:

Embrace unexpected challenges by enabling PvP invasions. Alternatively, explore other servers with your lobby, engaging in proximity voice chat to connect with fellow shopkeepers.

Grand Adventure:

The ultimate goal? Escape the island. Explore the handcrafted open world, defeat bosses, and embark on a grand adventure to build a rocket ship to freedom. The journey promises excitement, challenges, and the satisfaction of creating your retail haven in the midst of chaos.

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