Sanctuary Saga by Boomer's Workshop and V Publishing - Now on Steam

In Sanctuary Saga, a roguelite turn-based RPG, brave the Untamed Wilds and protect your caravan through row-based combat in diverse biomes. Keep your group united with a dynamic relationship system.

General Information

Developer - Boomer's Workshop

Publisher - V Publishing

Genre - JRPG, Roguelite, Party-Based RPG, RPG, Story Rich, Tactical RPG, Fantasy

Platform(s) - Steam

Date Released - 8 Mar, 2023

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Protect your caravan and face the brutal Untamed Wilds in roguelite turn-based RPG Sanctuary Saga. Engage in row-based combat across multiple varied biomes and keep your group together using a dynamic relationship system.

Sanctuary Saga is a turn-based RPG that immerses players in the world of the Untamed Wilds.

The game features four distinct biomes, each with its own unique challenges, enemies, and secrets. Players must explore these environments, face tactical row-based battles, and build and maintain relationships with their guild members to survive.

Combat in Sanctuary Saga is turn-based, with each hero possessing up to six unique skills that can be used to defeat monsters. Row management and positioning party members is crucial to success, as four party members can be active at a time. Each hero has an argument meter that rises during combat, and maintaining good relationships is key to success. Bad relationships can lead to negative effects in combat.

Sanctuary Saga's pixel art graphics add to its appeal, and its randomized biomes ensure that each environment's design is unique every time a player enters a biome. The game features a host of mini-bosses and bosses, each with its own set of strategies, and learning their attack patterns is essential to success.

In conclusion, Sanctuary Saga offers players a challenging and rewarding RPG experience, with an emphasis on maintaining relationships with guild members. Its pixel art graphics and randomized environments add to its appeal, and its tactical combat system ensures that players must think strategically to succeed.

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