Savant - Ascent REMIX: Reclaim Your Castle in an Epic Musical Shoot-em-Up!

Dive into the action-packed world of 'Savant - Ascent REMIX,' the thrilling game by D-Pad Studio. Face off against Laser Sharks, space invaders, and an immortal Samurai as you dodge, jump, and blast your way to the top to reclaim your castle. Explore unique stages, unlock power-ups, and enjoy the soundtrack composed by Savant himself. Experience the ultimate shoot-em-up platformer adventure now!

General Information

Developer - D-Pad Studio

Publisher - D-Pad Studio

Genre - Action, Casual, Arcade, Shooter, Bullet Hell, Shoot 'Em Up, Twin Stick Shooter

Platform(s) - Steam, GOG, EPIC Games Store.

Date Released - 15th Sept 2023

Get ready for an adrenaline-filled elevator ride through a robot-infested tower. Wield powerful magic, and acrobatic moves as you reclaim the Alchemist’s domain from a horde of mechanical fiends. This follow-up to the award-winning Savant - Ascent sets you off to greater heights!

Savant - Ascent REMIX: Rise Above Chaos with Music and Magic

Prepare for an exhilarating journey into chaos, music, and magic with 'Savant - Ascent REMIX,' the sensational game crafted by D-Pad Studio. In this electrifying shoot-em-up platformer, the Philosopher's Stone has run amok, fusing everything in its path and casting the Alchemist from his tower. Your mission: reclaim your castle, one explosive wave of magic at a time.

Dodge, Blast, Ascend:

Your ascent to the top won't be a leisurely climb. Dodge relentless waves of enemies and obliterate them with powerful magic. But beware, every move counts. 'Savant - Ascent REMIX' demands strategic use of your limited movement as you battle your way upward.

Musical Collaboration with Savant:

This is not just a game; it's a collaboration project with the renowned musical artist Savant. As you ascend the tower, collect unique pieces of music that will not only elevate your gameplay but also your auditory senses.

A Tower of Challenges:

'Savant - Ascent REMIX' takes you on a heart-pounding journey filled with new heights and challenges. Each stage introduces unique foes and formidable bosses, including the dreaded Laser Sharks and the enigmatic Valchemist lurking in the darkness of the Catacombs. But the ultimate showdown awaits as you face the Immortal Samurai.

Master the Twin-Stick Twist:

This twin-stick shooter offers a twist that sets it apart from the rest. Jump or dash between two platforms to evade relentless enemy attacks or position yourself for the perfect shot. Fill your Power Meter and unleash explosive magic that will leave your enemies in awe.

Unlock and Amplify:

As you ascend the tower, seize power-ups to boost your abilities and enhance your chances of success. But that's not all – unlock bonus tracks composed by the musical genius Savant himself, adding a harmonious layer to your epic adventure.

A Remixed Revolution:

'Savant - Ascent REMIX' started as a remastered version but has evolved into a full-blown sequel that pushes the shoot-em-up platformer genre to new heights. With five captivating stages, each featuring its own unique twist, this game more than doubles the content of the original. Engage in thrilling battles, enjoy enhanced mobility with double jumps and mid-air powershots, and explore the newly added Survival Mode. Challenge yourself with different difficulty modes, including a hardcore NES-style mode with no checkpoints. Plus, immerse yourself in the melodic soundscape with 22 freshly composed tracks by the acclaimed Norwegian musician, Savant.

Are you ready to embark on this electrifying, musical, and magical adventure in 'Savant - Ascent REMIX'? Reclaim your castle, overcome the chaos, and make your mark in this epic shoot-em-up remix!

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