Scarlet Tower: A Gothic Horror Roguelike RPG with Endless Adventure

Discover Scarlet Tower, the ultimate gothic horror casual game by Pyxeralia LLC. Experience unique heroes, a weapon fusion system, over 200 abilities, day & night cycles, and more. Perfect for Steam Deck and ultrawide support. Start your adventure now!

General Information

Developer - Pyxeralia LLC

Publisher - Pyxeralia LLC

Genre - Vampire, Action Roguelike, Pixel Graphics, Dark Fantasy, Bullet Hell, Roguelike, Survival

Platform(s) - Steam

Date Released - 25 Mar, 2024

Step into the eerie world of Scarlet Tower, a thrilling game by Pyxeralia LLC that will test your survival instincts like never before! In this gothic horror casual game, the rules change with the rising and setting of the sun.

Hunt by day, but beware—when night falls, you become the prey! Scarlet Tower masterfully blends roguelike and RPG elements, offering a unique gameplay experience. Customize your adventure with talent trees, diverse classes, and powerful familiars that aid you in your quest for survival. Will you conquer the darkness or be consumed by it?

Scarlet Tower by Pyxeralia LLC

Is a captivating gothic horror casual game that seamlessly blends roguelike and RPG elements. In this immersive adventure, you will hunt during the day and be hunted during the night, battling bizarre monsters and collecting powerful relics and familiars from around the world.

Key Features:

Unique Heroes: Choose from heroes with distinct weapons, abilities, and talents to tailor your gameplay experience.

Extensive Arsenal: Access over 70 weapons and utilize a weapon fusion system to enhance your combat effectiveness.

Diverse Abilities: Build your unique strategy with over 200 passive abilities and racial abilities.

Companions and Enhancements: Gain pets and runes to support your hero in their quest.

Comprehensive Bestiary: Encounter a wide variety of monsters and learn their strengths and weaknesses.

Rich Content: Enjoy over 20 hours of engaging content with long character progression and thousands of unlockables.

Challenging Bosses: Face off against bosses with unique abilities that test your skills.

Optimized Performance: Scarlet Tower runs perfectly on Steam Deck and supports ultrawide displays.

Dynamic Day and Night Cycle: Adapt your strategy with a dynamic day and night cycle, searching for relics and vendors that only appear at night.

Weather Events: Prepare for and adapt to various weather events that impact gameplay.

Endless Mode: Test your endurance and skill in an endless mode for continuous challenge.

Customizable Characters: Enjoy characters with unique customizable passives for a personalized experience.

Starting Your Adventure:

Hunt during the day and be hunted during the NIGHT! Engage in thrilling battles against nightmarish monsters and strengthen your hero by collecting relics and familiars. The day & night cycle adds an exciting twist, with special relics and vendors appearing only at night.

Prepare for dynamic weather events that will challenge your survival skills and adapt your strategies accordingly. With characters boasting unique customizable passives, your adventure in Scarlet Tower will be uniquely yours.

Experience the gothic horror and endless adventure of Scarlet Tower. Are you ready to conquer the night? Download and play now!

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