Seablip: Become a Legendary Pirate Captain in This Open-World RPG Adventure

Embark on an epic journey in Seablip, an open-world RPG by Jardar Solli and Vibedy. Upgrade your ship, hire a unique crew, and conquer the seas in this immersive pirate adventure. Play now and explore hidden treasures, challenging bounties, and engaging minigames!

General Information

Developer - Jardar Solli

Publisher - Vibedy

Genre - Early Access, Pirates, Pixel Graphics, Open World, Strategy RPG, Action-Adventure, Adventure

Platform(s) - Steam

Date Released - 17 May, 2024

Set sail in Seablip, an immersive open-world adventure game by Jardar Solli and Vibedy! Begin your journey as a humble seafarer and rise to become a feared pirate captain. Engage in epic naval battles, undertake daring bounties, and uncover hidden treasures. Customize and upgrade your ship, hire a skilled crew, or simply enjoy a peaceful day of fishing. With endless possibilities and a vast ocean to explore, your legend awaits. Are you ready to conquer the seas and forge your own pirate destiny? Join the adventure today and start your legend in Seablip!

Seablip: The Ultimate Pirate Adventure RPG

Created by solo developer Jardar Solli and Vibedy, Seablip is an ambitious and immersive open-world RPG that invites you to transform from a humble seafarer to a feared pirate captain. Navigate a vast ocean filled with countless islands, formidable enemies, and hidden treasures waiting to be discovered.

Key Features of Seablip:

Open World Exploration

Set sail across an expansive map with numerous islands to explore. Each island offers unique challenges and rewards, from enemy ships to plunder to hidden secrets waiting to be uncovered.

Ship Upgrades

Your ship is your lifeline. Enhance its capabilities by upgrading or purchasing new vessels. With over 48 upgrades available, including cannons and special enhancements like hull breach, fire, poison gas, and magic shields, you can tailor your ship to suit your combat strategy. Experiment with unique combinations, such as water and electricity, to maximize your battle efficiency.

Hire Unique Sailors

Every sailor in Seablip is distinct, offering unique attributes and skills. Sailors level up by earning points to spend on Health, Luck, and Intelligence. They can also learn two random skills that provide battle advantages. Sailors come from various factions, including Pirates, Redcoats, and Bluecoats, each offering different bonuses in battle.

Bounty Hunting

Face off against the most notorious bosses of the seas. Currently, Seablip features seven bosses, each with unique tactics and ships. While you can freely explore the world, defeating these bosses is the primary objective in the Early Access version of the game.

Engaging Minigames

Take a break from the high seas with various engaging minigames. Enjoy a robust fishing minigame or test your skills in lockpicking to discover hidden secrets and treasures. More minigames are in development and will evolve with community feedback.

Join the Adventure

Seablip offers a rich and dynamic world where your choices shape your destiny. Whether you're upgrading your ship, recruiting a unique crew, or facing off against formidable foes, every decision brings you closer to becoming the legendary pirate captain of your dreams. Dive into the adventure of a lifetime and start your journey in Seablip today!

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