SENSEs: Midnight - A Terrifying 3D Survival Horror Game
Set in Ikebukuro Walking Park

Experience true survival horror in SENSEs: Midnight, a 3D game inspired by genre classics. Explore the secrets of Ikebukuro Walking Park, solve puzzles, and elude vengeful spirits. Immerse yourself in an authentic Japanese setting with tank controls and fixed camera angles. Are you ready to face the terrifying Onryo?

General Information

Developer - SUZAKU Games

Publisher - Eastasiasoft Limited

Genre -Survival Horror, Inventory Management, Female Protagonist, Adventure, Third Person, Action, Horror

Platform(s) - PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S

Date Released - 07 June 2023

As occult researcher Uesugi Kaho, discover the secret of the "Midnight Door" while avoiding the grip of it’s victims’ corrupted spirits. Inspired by classic survival horror titles; explore, investigate and survive a terrifying and deadly night in the abandoned Ikebukuro Walking Park.

Enter the world of SENSEs: Midnight, a bone-chilling 3D survival horror game that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Join Uesugi Kaho, an outgoing college student and member of the occult research club, as she embarks on a daring investigation into the infamous urban legend, The Midnight Door of Ikebukuro Walking Park. The abandoned park holds dark secrets, and Kaho's quest for proof of the paranormal may lead her down a path of terror she never expected.

Immerse yourself in a nostalgic gaming experience, with tank controls and fixed camera angles reminiscent of genre classics. As you navigate the eerie Ikebukuro Walking Park, the atmospheric storytelling and rich lore will draw you deeper into the haunting mystery. But beware, every step you take is watched by a relentless Onryo, seeking to trap you within its clutches.

To survive the night, you must carefully manage your limited inventory slots, making strategic choices to avoid backtracking and confront the park's puzzles. Your actions have consequences, as some puzzles may alert vengeful spirits, putting you in even greater danger. Seek refuge in hiding spots, temporarily eluding your pursuer and buying precious time to plan your next move.

SENSEs: Midnight transports you to an authentic Japanese setting, capturing the essence of its folklore and supernatural elements. The haunting atmospheric soundtrack and stylish 3D visuals enhance the sense of dread and immersion, ensuring an unforgettable gaming experience.

Are you ready to face your fears and unravel the dark secrets of Ikebukuro Walking Park? SENSEs: Midnight awaits, challenging your courage and survival instincts. Can you escape the clutches of the Onryo and survive until dawn?

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