Unveil the Mysteries in S.O.L Search of Light | Narrative Adventure RPG

Embark on a thrilling journey into darkness with S.O.L Search of Light! Explore a steampunk world, fortify your village, and face hordes of enemies. Dive deep, manage resources, and unveil the truth hidden in the shadows.

General Information

Developer - Trigger the Monster

Publisher - Firenut Games

Genre - Adventure, Strategy, Simulation, Action-Adventure, Tower Defense, Exploration, City Builder

Platform(s) - Steam, Playstation, Switch

Date Released - 25 Apr, 2024

Welcome to the captivating world of SOL, where steampunk meets dark fantasy in a unique blend of adventure and strategy! Join us on a journey through this enigmatic setting, where you'll take on the role of a foreigner delving into the depths of the underground. As you ascend through its levels, you'll uncover mysteries hidden on the surface, relying on your wit and the assistance of domestic robots. Dive into SOL today and experience adventure management like never before!

Dive into the depths of darkness in S.O.L Search of Light

An immersive narrative adventure RPG developed by Trigger the Monster and Firenut Games. Assume the role of The Foreigner, an enigmatic protagonist trapped in a subterranean realm, and ascend through its levels to uncover its mysteries.

As you explore the underground, you'll face a myriad of challenges, from puzzles and traps to randomly generated enemies, all while managing vital resources to fortify your village. Customize your character with discovered resources and objects, and enhance your skills to overcome increasingly formidable foes.

Delve into an intriguing narrative adventure where each step brings you closer to the truth lurking in the shadows. Are you ready to discover the light in the darkness?

sol-search-of-light sol-search-of-light sol-search-of-light

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