Songs of Conquest: Epic Turn-Based Strategy Game - Build, Battle, Conquer!

Explore Songs of Conquest, a turn-based strategy game by Lavapotion and Coffee Stain Publishing. Raise armies, wield magic, and build your empire in this thrilling adventure. Play solo, co-op, or multiplayer with endless maps and epic campaigns.

General Information

Developer - Lavapotion

Publisher - Coffee Stain Publishing

Genre - Local Multiplayer, Turn-Based Tactics, 4X, Tactical, Turn-Based Strategy, Turn-Based Combat, Fantasy

Platform(s) - Steam

Date Released - 20 May, 2024

Prepare to immerse yourself in the epic world of Songs of Conquest, a groundbreaking game developed by Lavapotion and published by Coffee Stain Publishing. In this turn-based strategy adventure, you'll raise mighty armies, wield ancient magic, and forge a sprawling empire. Combining strategic decision-making, tactical combat, and kingdom management, Songs of Conquest offers an unparalleled gaming experience. Join us as we explore the game's intricate mechanics, breathtaking visuals, and captivating storylines. Will you rise to the challenge and become a legendary conqueror?

Songs of Conquest: The Ultimate Turn-Based Strategy Adventure

Dive into the world of Songs of Conquest, a captivating turn-based strategy game developed by Lavapotion and published by Coffee Stain Publishing. Drawing inspiration from 90s classics, Songs of Conquest combines strategic decision-making, tactical combat, and kingdom management to offer an unparalleled gaming experience. Lead powerful magicians known as Wielders and embark on epic quests to conquer unknown lands, wage battles, and expand your empire.

Adventure Awaits

Explore a variety of maps teeming with diverse enemies and valuable loot. Journey through contrasting biomes, each with unique factions, environments, and battlefields. The richly detailed world is filled with challenges and opportunities for those brave enough to seize them.

Build an Empire

In Songs of Conquest, you’ll manage resources, research new advancements, and strategically expand your kingdom. Tailor your towns to suit your playstyle—whether you favor raining arrows from a legion of archers or leading the eternal legions of Aurelia into battle, your choices will shape your empire's destiny.

Wage War

Engage in deep, tactical combat using a combination of troop abilities and powerful magic. Optimize your troops to maximize spells and damage potential, and lead them into epic siege battles. Choose from multiple factions to match your strategic preferences and conquer in your unique way.

Play Your Way

Enjoy handcrafted maps for a rich, curated experience, or opt for randomized maps to ensure endless replayability. Conquest maps provide head-to-head battles, while Challenge maps offer strategic puzzles to hone your tactical skills. Explore a plethora of maps created by both the Lavapotion team and the vibrant mod community.

Alone or Together

Embark on your adventure in the world of Aerbor solo, with a friend, or with AI allies and enemies. Most maps are playable in single-player, co-op, or multiplayer modes through local hotseat or online, offering flexible gameplay options to suit your preferences.

Four Factions

Songs of Conquest features four distinct factions, each locked in epic conflict. Lead the knights of Arleon, the survivalist tribes of Rana, the necromantic forces of Loth, or the mercenary and inventive Barya. Each faction offers unique units, strategies, and lore to enrich your gameplay experience.

Four Choral Campaigns

Experience the journey through four choral campaigns, each accompanied by a unique song celebrating your path to victory. Unlock new verses with each mission completed and enjoy the full track at the campaign’s end, adding a musical layer to your conquests.

In-Game Map Editor

Create your own adventures with the in-game map editor, using the same tools the developers used to craft campaign and skirmish maps. Script in-game events, control the soundtrack, write dialogue, and share your creations with the community. The possibilities are endless!

Join the ranks of legendary conquerors in Songs of Conquest and experience a turn-based strategy game like no other. Build your empire, wage epic battles, and immerse yourself in the rich, strategic gameplay.

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