Space Killer: Roguelite Survivors RPG - Defend the Universe Now!

Embark on a thrilling space arcade adventure in Space Killer by Two Friends. As a spaceship pilot, protect the universe from the Xenarian alien invasion. Experience exciting battles, spaceship customization, and resource mining in this Roguelite, Survivors, RPG game. Unlock new ships, face powerful bosses, and become the ultimate cosmic Loot Hunter!

General Information

Developer - Two Friends

Publisher - Two Friends

Genre - RPG, 2D, Loot, Space, Bullet Hell, Exploration, Looter Shooter

Platform(s) - PC(Steam)

Date Released - 23 Nov, 2023

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Take on the role of a spaceship pilot and protect the universe from an alien invasion. Destroy hordes of infected ships and defeat powerful bosses. Unlock new ships, create your own builds in this Roguelite, Survivors, RPG game

Space Piloting and Alien Menace

Space Killer puts you in the cockpit as a skilled spaceship pilot, entrusted with the crucial task of defending the universe against the mysterious Xenarian threat. Battle hordes of infected ships, confront powerful bosses, and navigate through the vastness of space. The fate of the cosmos rests in your hands.

Roguelite, Survivors, RPG Fusion:

Experience a unique fusion of gameplay genres, including Roguelite, Survivors, and RPG elements. Adapt and strategize as you progress through the game, facing different challenges and evolving your playstyle. Every decision you make influences your survival in the unforgiving cosmic frontier.

Customization and Power-Up System:

Choose from 6 unique spacecraft, each equipped with extraordinary super abilities. Engage in flexible spaceship customization, selecting from millions of weapons and support items. Enhance your ship's power with upgrades and modifications. The automatic weapon targeting system ensures precision in your battles against the alien invaders.

Diverse Missions and Resource Extraction:

Embark on 6 diverse mission types, ranging from intense battles to resource extraction for valuable minerals. Immerse yourself in the dynamic gameplay, solving puzzles, and exploring space. Resource mining adds depth to your cosmic adventures, providing the necessary materials to enhance your spacecraft.

Epic Loot Hunting Adventure:

Space Killer offers an incredible amount of Loot, making every mission a thrilling adventure. Customize your ship with various modifications and weapons, increasing its power and resilience. Be a true cosmic Loot hunter, acquiring the most valuable treasures in the universe and proving your prowess on the cosmic frontier.

Prepare for the Ultimate Space Battle:

Join the epic space battle for the universe in Space Killer. As the ultimate Loot Hunter, prepare your ship for battle and face incredible challenges. Navigate through numerous missions, solve puzzles, and make strategic decisions that impact your survival. Become a legendary cosmic adventurer in this captivating arcade game with elements of SURVIVORS, LOOTING, RPG-ARCADE, and ROGUELIKE ELEMENTS.

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