Spellbound Survivors: A Captivating Action-Roguelike Adventure on Steam

Dive into the mesmerizing realm of Spellbound Survivors, a single-player action-roguelike game by ToastedSquadStudios on Steam. Conquer maps, unleash powerful abilities, and prepare for the ultimate showdown against the formidable Overlord Wizard. Explore a pixelated world where your destiny unfolds as pages of an epic tale. Are you ready to embrace the spellbinding battle that awaits?

General Information

Developer - ToastedSquadStudios

Publisher - ToastedSquadStudios

Genre - Action, Adventure, Action Roguelike, Bullet Hell, Choose Your Own Adventure, Exploration, Souls-like

Platform(s) - PC

Date Released - 29 Dec, 2023

Available On


Welcome to the mesmerizing world of Spellbound Survivors, a single-player action-roguelike game! Embark on an epic adventure, conquer maps, acquire mighty powers, and gear up for an ultimate showdown with the formidable Overlord Wizard. Your destiny unfolds in this captivating journey!

Embark on a Spellbinding Adventure

Spellbound Survivors invites you to embark on an extraordinary adventure, immersing yourself deeply in a pixelated realm where each map unfurls like the pages of an epic tale. Brace yourself for heart-pounding battles and face off against the formidable Overlord Wizard, who commands vast hordes of soul reapers. Prepare to delve into a captivating world where destiny is written in every encounter.

Unleash Devastating Powers:

As you conquer maps, you'll unlock a treasure trove of new abilities and powers, transforming you into an indomitable force of nature. Discover your potential as you unleash devastating attacks and bend the elements to your will. With each victory, your strength and skill grow, empowering you to face increasingly formidable challenges in your quest to overcome the Overlord Wizard.

The Challenge of the Legend Bar:

Spellbound Survivors introduces the intriguing "Legend Bar" system, a crucial element that measures your progress in the enchanting realm. Keep a keen eye on this bar as you navigate through the world, for it holds the key to your ultimate showdown. Your journey through the captivating realm is a test, and as you survive, the Legend Bar grants you access to the climactic battle against the Overlord Wizard. Are you prepared to put all your skills and powers to the test?

Key Features

Single-player Adventure

Immerse yourself in a captivating single-player experience filled with thrilling battles and epic challenges.

Steam Achievements

Test your skills and achieve milestones as you progress through the game, earning Steam Achievements that showcase your mastery.

Full Controller Support

Enjoy seamless gameplay with full controller support, enhancing your gaming experience and immersion.

Steam Cloud Integration

Safeguard your progress and game data with Steam Cloud integration, ensuring your journey is secure and uninterrupted.

Are You Ready to Embrace Your Destiny?

The time has come to answer the call of destiny and step into the mesmerizing world of Spellbound Survivors. Prepare yourself for a spellbinding battle that will test your courage, skills, and determination. Each page of this enchanting tale brings new challenges and opportunities. Are you prepared to turn the pages and uncover your fate in this captivating action-roguelike adventure?"

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