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Dive into darkness and fight for light in 'Striving for Light,' a rogue-lite ARPG by Igniting Spark Games. Explore randomly generated maps, level up with an infinite skill tree, and challenge unique enemies and bosses. Craft powerful weapons, unlock new skills, and compete on online leaderboards. Experience challenging combat, deep itemization, and an endless endgame system.

General Information

Developer - Igniting Spark Games

Publisher - Igniting Spark Games

Genre - Early Access, Action RPG, Hack and Slash, Action Roguelike, Roguelite, RPG, Dungeon Crawler

Platform(s) - PC (Steam)

Date Released - 29 Nov, 2021

Available On


Striving for Light is a rogue-lite ARPG where you utilise a unique infinite expanding skilltree to fight your way through the darkness, striving for light.

Embrace the Darkness

"Striving for Light" immerses players in a dark and mysterious world teeming with dangers. Explore randomly generated maps, each hiding lurking threats and secrets. As you venture deeper into the darkness, strive for light and face the challenges that await in the shadows.

Infinite Expanding Skill Tree:

Utilize a unique and infinite expanding skill tree to shape your character's abilities. Every run offers a new skill tree, allowing you to dynamically adapt your playstyle. Reforge connections between skill nodes, collect skillgems, and customize your skill tree with strategic choices.

Deep Itemization and Crafting:

Delve into a rich itemization system with 34 unique weapon bases that can be crafted and upgraded into legendaries. Discover over 30 unique trinkets, including powerful legendary options, to enhance your abilities. Craft your ideal build, shaping your character's destiny through strategic gear choices.

Challenging Combat Dynamics:

Face off against challenging enemies and formidable bosses in dynamic battles. Switch seamlessly between melee and ranged weapons, employing powerful active abilities such as shapeshifting and massive attacks. Manage a dual resource system to balance melee and ranged assaults, and master the dodge system to evade enemy attacks with precision.

Endless Endgame Challenge:

Delve deeper into the darkness and confront an ever-increasing challenge in the endgame system. Navigate an infinite expanding map progression system, where each step brings greater dangers and greater rewards. Customize your experience by adding and altering map modifiers, intensifying the challenge while reaping greater benefits.

Compete and Cooperate:

Challenge yourself and others on online leaderboards with seasonal rankings and a private league system. Engage in local co-op mode, teaming up with friends to conquer the darkness together. Experience the thrill of competition and the camaraderie of cooperation in the battle for light.

Handcrafted Beauty and Sound:

Marvel at the game's visual elegance, where every detail is hand-drawn, creating a visually stunning world. Immerse yourself in the game's self-composed soundtrack, spanning over 77 minutes, enhancing the atmosphere and enriching your gaming experience.

Embark on an epic journey in "Striving for Light," where darkness reigns but the pursuit of light fuels your every step. Challenge the shadows, master your skills, and craft your destiny in a captivating rogue-lite ARPG adventure by Igniting Spark Games.

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