Stronghold: Definitive Edition – Relive the Glory of Classic RTS | FireFly Studios

Experience the nostalgia of the original BAFTA-nominated real-time strategy game in Stronghold: Definitive Edition. Remade with stunning visuals, new campaigns, and multiplayer battles. Hunt down classic villains, relive history, and customize your experience. Join the legacy that shaped the 'castle sim' genre.

General Information

Developer - FireFly Studios

Publisher - FireFly Studios

Genre - Real Time Tactics, City Builder, Colony Sim, Sandbox, Building, Strategy, Economy

Platform(s) - PC (steam)

Date Released - 7 Nov, 2023

Available On


Greetings sire! Your stronghold awaits you. Build a castle economy, besiege unforgettable villains and return to the 'castle sim' that started it all. Experience this classic RTS with upgraded visuals, modernised gameplay, Steam multiplayer and a new campaign.

Welcome to Your Stronghold

Greetings, sire! Your kingdom awaits in Stronghold: Definitive Edition. Step back in time and relive the glory of the original BAFTA-nominated real-time strategy game. With remastered visuals, new campaigns, and enhanced gameplay, this definitive edition invites you to immerse yourself in the ultimate 'castle sim' experience.

A Classic Reborn:

Rebuilt with care and precision, Stronghold: Definitive Edition brings back the beloved classic with improved animations, textures, and lighting. The original artists have meticulously crafted new visuals, breathing fresh life into this iconic game. Rediscover the world that started it all.

Conquer the Realm:

In this new edition, venture into a challenging 14-mission campaign where you must rally your forces against the treacherous Rat, Pig, Snake, and Wolf. The realm teeters on the edge of collapse, and it's your duty to reunite your scattered forces and defend your stronghold. Relive classic battles and create new legends.

Embark on a Castle Trail:

Delve into history with the all-new Castle Trail, featuring 10 challenging siege scenarios set in famous historical fortresses such as Warwick, Dunnottar, and Marksburg. Strategize, defend, or lay siege in these intense battles that will test your tactical prowess.

Multiplayer Mayhem:

Challenge old friends and new rivals in epic battles with full Steam multiplayer support. Wage wars online, sharpen your skills, and prove your dominance. With extra maps to conquer, the multiplayer arena is the perfect battleground for RTS enthusiasts.

Create, Share, Enjoy:

Unleash your creativity and craft your own Stronghold experiences with Steam Workshop support. Design custom maps, scenarios, and challenges, and share them with the community. Explore a wealth of player creations, extending the game's rich legacy with fresh content.

Immerse in Enriched Soundscapes:

Lose yourself in the immersive sounds of Stronghold: Definitive Edition. Experience a remastered soundtrack with fresh recordings from the game's original voice actors. Let the atmosphere of the battlefield surround you, enhancing the intensity of your strategic decisions.

Join the Legacy:

With its remade artwork, Steam multiplayer support, and Workshop capabilities, Stronghold: Definitive Edition is not just a game; it's a celebration of two decades of RTS excellence. Join the legacy that has shaped the 'castle sim' genre and experience the nostalgia and thrill that started it all. Relive the glory, rewrite history, and build your stronghold today!

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