Super Dungeon Maker by FIRECHICK and rokaplay out now on Nintendo Switch and Steam

Create your own pixel art-style dungeons in minutes with Super Dungeon Maker! Available now on Nintendo Switch and Steam. Build, customize, and explore!

General Information

Developer - FIRECHICK, rokaplay

Publisher - FIRECHICK

Genre - Colorful, Choose Your Own Adventure, Sandbox, Level Editor, Pixel Graphics, Dungeon Crawler, Building

Platform(s) - PC, Steam, Nintendo Switch

Date Released - 3rd May 2023

Social Media

Super Dungeon Maker is a creative pixel art dungeon editor inspired by the best 2D adventure games. Choose however many levels, enemies, secret rooms, traps and items you want.

Welcome to Super Dungeon Maker, the creative pixel art dungeon editor inspired by the best 2D adventure games! Build your own dungeons in just a few easy steps using our easy-to-navigate dungeon creator.

Choose your desired levels, items, enemies, traps, secret rooms, and items, and create your own pixel art-style dungeons of varying themes and difficulties.

Share your creations with friends, family, or the community, and challenge them to master your dungeon or play the countless dungeons built by other users. Unleash your creative streak and place as many enemies, floors, and secret paths as you like.

Explore countless community-made dungeons and play built-in dungeons to solve puzzles and defeat enemies during your adventures. Find hidden hearts to replenish your health and make it to the final boss, becoming a hero of the most impossible dungeons the community can come up with.

With cross-platform level sharing, optimized for Joycons/Gamepad and mouse/keyboard, and endless possibilities for puzzles, Super Dungeon Maker offers an immersive and thrilling gaming experience. Decorate your levels as you like and use the Channel mechanic to "program" creative or complex dungeons. Don't miss out on this exciting game available on Nintendo Switch and Steam now!

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