Synergy: The Ultimate Eco-Friendly City-Building Survival Game by Leikir Studio & Goblinz Publishing

Discover Synergy, the city-building survival game by Leikir Studio and Goblinz Publishing. Build and optimize your city in a hostile world, explore your environment, and ensure the well-being of your citizens. Play now to create a sustainable, thriving city.

General Information

Developer - Leikir Studio

Publisher - Goblinz Publishing, H2 Interactive Co., Ltd.

Genre - Early Access, Economy, Post-apocalyptic, Building, Strategy, Trading, City Builder

Platform(s) - Steam

Date Released - 21 May, 2024

Welcome to Synergy, an innovative city-building game brought to you by Leikir Studio and Goblinz Publishing, and H2 Interactive Co., Ltd. In this thrilling game, humanity's survival depends on your ability to build and sustain a city in a strange and hostile world.

Synergy is an innovative city-building game

Developed by Leikir Studio and Goblinz Publishing, and published by H2 Interactive Co., Ltd. In this captivating game, humanity finds itself in a mesmerizing yet unforgiving world where survival hinges on your ability to build and manage a city that harmonizes with the ecosystem.

Game Features:

Immersive Environment:

Your citizens live in a strange environment that is both mesmerizing and harsh. Your mission is to help them survive and prosper by building a city that adapts to the surroundings.

Exploration and Analysis:

Dive deep into the environment, conducting analyses of plants and other natural elements to expand your Knowledge Book. This essential guide helps you obtain resources, ensure citizen safety, and optimize your city for survival and prosperity.

Research and Innovation:

Assign citizens to the research center and the hall of wisdom to launch critical research projects. Technological research unlocks advanced techniques, while cultural research innovates processes and civil structures, leading to new buildings and city advancements.

District Building:

Construct nine unique districts around various squares, each offering powerful bonuses. Clever placement of buildings within these districts will enhance your city's development and meet the diverse needs of your citizens.

Expeditions and Discovery:

Send your citizens on expeditions to explore remote regions, uncover new destinations, meet other survivors, and acquire priceless knowledge and resources. These expeditions are vital for progression, introducing new plant species and cultural elements to your city.

In Synergy, the well-being of your citizens is paramount. Achieving a deep understanding of their environment is crucial to help them adapt and thrive. The game promotes a sustainable approach, ensuring that every decision you make fosters a harmonious relationship with the natural world.

Additional Highlights:

Sustainable City Building:

Balance city growth with environmental sustainability.

Advanced Techniques:

Unlock new buildings and social spaces through research.

Unique Districts:

Utilize specific district bonuses to boost city development.

Expedition-Based Progression:

Explore the world to gather resources and knowledge.

Embark on this unique city-building adventure with Synergy and test your strategic skills in a world where survival depends on harmony with nature. Build, explore, and thrive as you create a city that stands the test of time. Download Synergy now and start your journey towards a sustainable future!

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