Expand & Exterminate: Terrytorial Disputes - Endless Base Defense Game

Dive into the ultimate fusion of Real-Time Strategy and Tower Defense in Terryble Interactive's 'Terrytorial Disputes.' Defend against relentless waves of enemies, expand your base, and explore a massive tech tree. With over 150 tech upgrades, 65 buildings, and diverse enemy types, strategic mastery is your key to victory. Are you ready to face the challenge, General?

General Information

Developer - Terryble Interactive

Publisher - Terryble Interactive

Genre - Early Access, Exploration, Time Management, Wargame, Tower Defense, City Builder, PvE

Platform(s) - PC

Date Released - 27 Jun, 2023

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The best elements of Real-Time Strategy (RTS) and Tower Defense genres combined into a new Base Defense game. Defend against countless waves of enemies while you expand your base, gather resources, and research technologies to defeat the ever strengthening enemy units.

Welcome, General, to the Battlefront

In "Expand & Exterminate: Terrytorial Disputes," you are thrust into the heart of an endless battle against a formidable enemy force. General, the enemy has opened a Paradox rift outside our base, and it's your duty to defend against the unrelenting waves of adversaries. These foes come in various categories, from heavy juggernauts to swift aerial units, each demanding a unique strategy to thwart. Brace yourself; the challenge is non-stop, and your base's survival rests in your hands.

Master the Tech Tree

With an expansive tech tree boasting over 250 technologies, your progression is the key to victory. Research upgrades for your turrets, refineries, power plants, and more. Each round grants you experience points, enabling you to delve deeper into the tech tree. Can you survive long enough to explore all the technological wonders at your disposal? Your ingenuity and adaptability will be your greatest assets.

Strategic Resource Management

Collecting resources is paramount to funding your operation. Manage your gem fields meticulously to strike the perfect balance between economy and defense. Build silos to expand your stockpile and plan your resource management with precision. Efficient resource utilization is the foundation of a robust defense, General.

Expand and Fortify

Terrain expansion is pivotal to your overall strategy. As you progress, seize the opportunity to expand your base's footprint, gathering more resources and generating income. A larger base allows for the construction of additional towers and structures, bolstering your defenses. The evolving battlefield demands a nimble approach, and territorial expansion is your key to dominance.

Diverse Arsenal and Counter-Strategies

Choose from a vast array of 65 towers and structures to fortify your defenses. From traditional machine gun turrets to advanced missile launchers, each tower possesses distinct strengths and weaknesses. However, the enemy isn't idle; they'll deploy units to counter your strategies, requiring constant adaptation. Stay ahead of the game by evolving your arsenal to outmaneuver your foes.

Champion Challenges and Base Powering

Formidable champions, with their exceptional speed and devastating abilities, pose a unique threat to your base. Precision and strategic acumen are essential to defeating these mighty foes. Additionally, your base's lifeblood, energy, must be meticulously managed. Keep an eye on your energy usage to ensure your turrets remain operational. Air Superiority is crucial, especially when defending against swift aerial assaults.

Strategic Boosters and Efficient Space Utilization

Boosters play a pivotal role in maximizing the value of each node under your control. Strategically position boosters to enhance the efficiency of your structures and turrets. Refinery Boosters, for example, expedite gem collection, ensuring a steady stream of income. Efficiently using your space and strategically placing boosters are essential components of your defensive prowess.

Terrytorial Disputes: A Work in Progress

Please note that "Terrytorial Disputes" is under construction, and while performance issues, balance problems, and bugs might surface, rest assured that the developer is dedicated to resolving them. Every bug encountered is swiftly addressed, and features are continuously refined. The commitment is unwavering—to craft not only the best Terry-Type game but also an unparalleled Tower Defense experience. Join us in shaping the future of this thrilling game, General, and let's secure victory together!

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