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Dive into the enigmatic world of The Devil Within: Satgat by Newcore Games. Join Royal Guard Kim Rip in a 2.5D action-adventure platformer. Uncover the secrets of the Ebon Sting tower, battle demonic entities, and master precise combat skills in this gripping journey.

General Information

Developer - Newcore Games

Publisher - Newcore Games

Genre - Souls-like, Action, Platformer, Post-apocalyptic, Metroidvania, Side Scroller, Horror

Platform(s) - PC, PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch

Date Released - PC Early Access Q3 2023, Consoles TBD

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Join Kim Rip, a Royal Guard whose humanity is gradually slipping away, on a thrilling 2.5D action-adventure platforming journey in 'The Devil Within: Satgat'. Uncover the mysteries of a desolate realm as you engage in stylish battles against formidable foes.

Embark on an Enigmatic Journey

In The Devil Within: Satgat, immerse yourself in a captivating narrative set in the shadow of the ominous Ebon Sting tower. As Royal Guard Kim Rip, your humanity is slipping away, and the once peaceful world now teems with demonic entities. Venture into the heart of darkness, uncover the secrets shrouding the tower, and restore peace to the desolate realm.

Precise Platforming and Stylish Combat:

Experience traditional platforming action infused with stylish, precise combat mechanics. Balance your AP gauge as you execute beautifully animated skills and intricate combos. Learn a variety of skills and create a personalized skill build that complements your unique playstyle. Master the art of the Concentrated Counterattack System, employing expert parrying, dashing, and dodging to unleash devastating counterattacks upon your foes.

Explore Diverse Environments:

Traverse action-packed levels that span a multitude of environments, from ruined cities to majestic mountains, dense forests, eerie caves, and beyond. Engage grotesque monsters and powerful bosses, each guarding vital clues that unravel the dark and mysterious tale. The game's stunning 2.5D graphics breathe life into these diverse landscapes, immersing you in a visually captivating experience.

Become a Master of Combat:

Equip yourself with an array of weapons and skills, empowering you to face the demonic threat head-on. Master intricate combos, precise movements, and a myriad of skills that evolve as you progress. Customize your playstyle, creating a formidable force tailored to your preferences. Delve deep into the game's combat system, combining strategy and skill to emerge victorious against your adversaries.

Unravel the Secrets:

Piece together the puzzle of the Ebon Sting tower and the demonic invasion. Engage in battles that challenge your reflexes and strategic acumen. Each encounter is an opportunity to uncover deeper layers of the story, driving you to push your limits and become the hero the realm desperately needs.

Join the Battle, Uncover the Truth:

The fate of the realm rests in your hands. With a compelling blend of immersive storytelling, visually stunning graphics, and precise combat mechanics, The Devil Within: Satgat promises an unforgettable gaming experience. Embark on this epic adventure, unveil the mysteries, and prove your mettle in the face of darkness.

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