Thief Simulator 2: Master the Art of Stealth and Heist - Out Now!

Dive into Thief Simulator 2, a groundbreaking game by CookieDev, Ultimate Games S.A, and PlayWay S.A. Explore a world of thievery, from simple house heists to high-stakes bank robberies. With innovative gameplay mechanics and thrilling challenges, experience the ultimate adrenaline rush of the criminal underworld.

General Information

Developer - CookieDev, Ultimate Games S.A.

Publisher - PlayWay S.A.

Genre - Simulation, Stealth, Crime, Action, Singleplayer, Adventure, First-Person

Platform(s) - PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch

Date Released - 4 Oct, 2023

Available On


The door to your robber’s career is waiting! Just crowbar the lock off and force your way through the threshold. Learn skills, collect tools and become a master of the thieving trade!

Become the Ultimate Thief in Thief Simulator 2!

Master the Art of Stealth and Heist:

In Thief Simulator 2, the door to your robber’s career is wide open, waiting for you to step in and seize the opportunity. Armed with a crowbar and binoculars, your journey into the world of thievery begins. Your objective? Learn essential skills, collect tools, and become a master of the trade. From petty thefts to grand heists, every move you make counts.

Innovative Gameplay Modes:

Thief Simulator 2 offers two captivating gameplay modes: story and free mode. Immerse yourself in a gripping narrative or enjoy the freedom of creating your own thieving adventures. The choice is yours.

Explore Diverse Locations:

Prepare to explore two unique neighborhoods featuring over 20 houses ripe for the picking. Study tenant routines, find the perfect time to strike, and then execute your plans flawlessly. Break into resorts, warehouses guarded by security, and even central banks housing precious gold waiting for a skilled thief.

Upgrade Your Arsenal:

As you progress, your tools evolve. Start with a crowbar and binoculars, then advance to sophisticated equipment like hacking laptops and stethoscopes. Plan your approach: will you silently infiltrate undetected, knock out guards with a baton, or put them to sleep using sleeping gas? Every decision shapes your destiny.

Challenging Contracts and Payphone Missions:

Take on over 15 contracts, each requiring unique items to be stolen. Engage in payphone missions, where you must rob specific locations within tight timeframes. Quick thinking and efficient execution are the keys to success.

Police Chases and Car Heists:

Stay one step ahead of the law. Engage in intense chases with police cars and helicopters, but be careful not to get shot. Upgrade your car, change its appearance, boost its power, or aim for the ultimate sports car. Begin with humble family sedans and work your way up to the car of your dreams.

Skills and Abilities:

Level up your thief, unlocking new skills and abilities that broaden your range of possibilities. Special skills and unique abilities become your secret weapons in this cat-and-mouse game with the authorities.

Thief Simulator 2 invites you to experience the thrill of the criminal underworld like never before. Are you ready to outsmart security systems, escape the police, and become the ultimate mastermind of theft? Start your adventure now!

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