Thrive: Heavy Lies the Crown - Medieval City Builder with Real-Time Combat

Embark on a strategic journey in 'Thrive: Heavy Lies the Crown,' a medieval city-builder with real-time combat. Rule wisely, make tough choices, and explore a lush land filled with possibilities. Adventure solo or with friends, conquer foes, and shape the fate of your kingdom. Will you survive or find the strength to thrive?

General Information

Developer - Zugalu Entertainment

Publisher - PlaySide Publishing

Genre - Early Access, Building, Co-op, PvP, Online Co-Op, City Builder, Strategy

Platform(s) - PC(Steam)

Date Released - 2024

Available On


Thrive: Heavy Lies the Crown is a complex city builder, where the fate of your kingdom hinges on your every decision. Explore this medieval land alone or with friends, make tough moral choices and conquer your foes in RTS combat. Will you struggle to survive, or find the strength to Thrive?

A Kingdom's Fate in Your Hands

Rule as a new monarch in 'Thrive: Heavy Lies the Crown,' a complex city builder where every decision shapes the fate of your kingdom. Explore the medieval land of Nysamor alone or with friends, and navigate the challenges of real-time combat. Your choices determine whether your kingdom will merely survive or truly thrive.

Morality and Consequence:

Navigate the intricate balance of morality and consequence in Nysamor. Assign tasks to your subjects, make tough moral choices, and secure your kingdom's reputation. Will you be a benevolent ruler, showing compassion for the earth, or a tyrannical one, finding pleasure in exploitation? Every choice has far-reaching consequences, dictating the destiny of your kingdom.

Narrative Immersion and Legacy:

Immerse yourself in the narrative event system of 'Thrive,' uncovering the true nature of the Waelgrim and defining your reign. Whether benevolent or tyrannical, each decision shapes your legacy. Embrace the magical forces of the Waelgrim or seek to control them. Your destiny is in your hands, and the land of Nysamor awaits your rule.

Exploration and Conflict:

Discover the beauty and potential conflict in Nysamor, a lush land with diverse terrain. Compete for resources on a 4X-inspired World Map, interacting with AI villages and kingdoms. Your actions influence neighboring villages, swaying allegiances through intimidation or compassion. The unknown land is rich with possibilities and challenges.

Intense RTS Combat and Consequences:

Adventure solo or with up to four players, engaging in intense RTS combat. Siege castles, plunder trade routes, and confront fantastical Waelgrim creatures. Be mindful – soldiers require sustenance, and the cost of war takes a toll. Explore, strategize, and shape the destiny of your kingdom through thrilling combat scenarios.

Strategic City Building and Legacy Planning:

Build your legacy through effective city planning, advancement, and a detailed tech tree. Set up road networks, construct defenses, and assemble a powerful military. Gather resources, expand your lands, and trade or battle with other players or AI factions. Ensure your kingdom's survival amidst the harsh realities of medieval life.

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