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TV Casino I: Blackjack on the RCA Studio 2

TV Casino I: Blackjack is a card game based on the Las Vegas version of Blackjack.

General Information

Developer - RCA Corporation

Publisher - RCA Corporation

Release - 1977

Platform(s) - RCA Studio II

Number of Players - 1P/2P

Genre - Casino

It can be played by one or two players against a dealer.

Each player starts out with a stake of $200 and must before each hand place a bet between $1 and $10. Like in the real card game the aim is to get a card count that totals 21 or as close to it as possible without going above it.

After being dealt the player has three choices: hit, double or stand. A winning player gets paid an amount equal to the bet and if succeeding with getting a two card natural 21 the pay off is two times the bet. The game ends when a player reaches $999 or when both players lose all money.