Unholy: Explore Two Parallel Worlds to Unveil the Mystery | Psychological Horror Game

Embark on a terrifying journey in Unholy, a first-person psychological horror game. Traverse between a brutalist post-soviet town and a grotesque society ruled by priests. Uncover the truth of your child's disappearance through exploration, puzzles, and intense combat. Discover unique gameplay, intriguing emotions, and the power of masks. Experience captivating visuals inspired by dark artist Tomasz Strzałkowski.

General Information

Developer - Duality Games

Publisher - HOOK

Genre - Adventure, Female Protagonist, Atmospheric, Singleplayer, Puzzle, First-Person, Stealth

Platform(s) - PC

Date Released - 20 Jul, 2023

Available On


Open the doors between your everyday reality and a dark unholy world to unveil the mystery of the disappearance of your child. Explore both worlds to find clues, solve puzzles, decide whether you infiltrate or fight brutal enemies and stand up to an aberrant establishment.

In "Unholy," you'll delve into the unsettling depths of two parallel worlds

The bleak, cold reality of a post-soviet Eastern European town and the creepy, twisted realm of Unholy, governed by a relentless priest caste. As the protagonist Dorothea, your mission is to unravel the mystery behind your child's disappearance, driven by a captivating narrative and mesmerizing visuals inspired by the works of renowned dark artist Tomasz Strzałkowski.

This psychological horror experience presents a unique blend of meticulous exploration, intriguing puzzle solving, stealth, and innovative shooting dynamics. Engage with the environment using four distinct emotions—anger, fear, sadness, and desire—to overcome obstacles, manipulate mechanisms, and outsmart your adversaries.

Masks play a crucial role in survival as everyone in the unholy world conceals their identity. Build your own mask to gain new skills and enhance abilities or don other masks to infiltrate enemy territory, sow confusion, and adopt new identities.

Acclaimed by critics, Unholy has garnered praise for its macabre atmosphere and engrossing lore. With a balance between suspenseful gameplay and a riveting narrative, this horror game offers an immersive experience like no other. Explore the mysteries of a cult setting, solve challenging puzzles, and navigate intense stealth sequences to uncover the truth lurking in the shadows.

Published by HOOK, the indie label of global video game publisher Digital Bros, and developed by Polish studio Duality Games, Unholy is now available for PC via Steam. Prepare to be terrified, as the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S/X versions will follow later.

Experience the chilling horrors, immersive gameplay, and heart-pounding moments of Unholy. Watch the launch trailer and venture forth into the darkness as Dorothea, determined to unveil the terrifying truth behind her son's disappearance.

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