Up or Lava! - A Thrilling Multiplayer Climbing Game on Steam

Experience the adrenaline rush in 'Up or Lava!' by Garden of Dreams, now on Steam. Challenge 100 players, escape rising lava, and master parkour in this intense multiplayer game. Create private servers, and expect regular updates with new features and modes.

General Information

Developer - Garden of Dreams

Publisher - Garden of Dreams

Genre - Adventure, Action, Psychological Horror, Battle Royale, Casual, Platformer, Roguelike

Platform(s) - Steam ( PC )

Date Released - 1 Sep, 2023

Available On

Steam Games

Participate in only up races with 100 players. Fall down, and you'll burn in the lava! Play with friends or other players. The last survivor wins. Could it be you?

Up or Lava! is your ticket to an exhilarating multiplayer adventure on Steam.

Garden of Dreams brings you a heart-pounding challenge where the floor is lava, and your mission is to climb as high as possible while avoiding the scorching danger below.

In this 100-player multiplayer showdown, you'll need more than just speed; you'll need strategy and cunning. Fight, push, and set clever traps to outwit your competitors and emerge as the last player standing at the pinnacle. It's a ruthless competition where everyone's willing to get their hands dirty for victory.

The relentless rise of the lava keeps you on your toes, turning every moment of rest into a potential peril. To survive, you must run faster, think smarter, and keep moving upward. Your every step could make the difference between success and defeat. With unpredictable gameplay and fierce competition, you'll need unwavering focus and lightning-fast reflexes. Avoid getting caught by opponents or consumed by the raging lava!

'Up or Lava!' offers a variety of game modes to keep the excitement alive. Dive into fast-paced matches with disappearing platforms or experience classic runs reminiscent of your favorite squid games, where every second counts.

Become a master of the game's mechanics, execute risky jumps through unexpected traps, and adapt to a constantly evolving track. Success demands excellent skill mastery and lightning-quick reflexes.

Want to enjoy the game with friends? Create your own private server and immerse yourselves in the action away from the chaos of the outside world.

And the best part? We're committed to keeping the excitement alive with constant updates. The more you play, the faster we roll out new features, including cosmetic enhancements, fresh game modes, and numerous other functions. 'Up or Lava!' promises an ever-evolving gaming experience that will keep you coming back for more.

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