Ad Wars
by aglitch

What is Ad Wars?

Ad Wars is a long journey through the Internet! Join Alt and Magna on their quest to destroy Ads once and for all! It's a game that mixe Bullet Hell / Platformer / RPG and other gameplay types into a funny, quirky and emotional adventure!

Ad wars

General Information

Developer - aglitch

Publisher - aglitch

Release - TBA

Website - aglitch.itch.io

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What is it about?

This game takes place after a major crisis called "The Ad-Pocalypse". Ad Corporations merged into a huge one, which gained power and began to control people's lifes. Because of that, free will is at risk. Two sides fought: the people and the Ad Corporation, but they lost against the Corporations Robots. Now only one fighter remains. His mission is to destroy ads once and for all! Be prepared to fight ads, literally!

Ad Wars game

This is just the Beginning!

The Developer αGlitch had already started working on post-demo content. The game will significantly change after the demo. Our protagonists will embark on different kind of quirky adventures. Each one of them will bring a new twist to the gameplay!

Ad Wars game

New to Bullet Hells? Don't be afraid!

Ad Wars breaks the traditional arcade structure giving the player lots of options to progressively try higher difficulties. The challenge is up to you! I'm making sure that everyone can enjoy this game. Also if you're a hardcore bullet hell player, I'll make difficult patterns just for you!

Is a level still too hard for you? You can spend energy points to buy lives or power up your own attacks!

You can even customize your attack options to your own convenience!

Ad Wars game
Ad Wars game