Magnetic Pull is developed by HollowSphere.

Magnetic Pull is a top down spaceshooter with unique mechanics and split progression between three alien worlds.

Magnetic Pull

General Information

Developer - HollowSphere.

Publisher - HollowSphere.

Release - June 2019

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You are aboard a new prototype science vessel deployed into the far reaches of space to test the new Magnetic Pull drive by absorbing different energy filled asteroids and analysing them.

You find out that the drive can modify the mass and molecular density of everything that it absorbs. After playing with it you find out that you can also launch the modified mass of the absorbed objects out at high velocity. You tweak the drive even further and it creates a small wormhole that teleports you to a different vector coordonate.

You get a bit concerned because this uses a small part of your ships energy.After some successful testing you decide to head back to Earth by using the drive, only to find that your homeworld was destroyed almost completely by three alien races.

One of the remaining headquarters on Earth fills you in on what happened. You decide you want to take revenge on the alien races by using the Magnetic Pull drive to jump to their location in space. Your mission? Destroy everything in sight.

Magnetic Pull


War Faction

Thought from birth that the only way to survive in life is to mercilessly beat down all who oppose you the war faction's arsenal reflects what it means to stay alive in this world. They are equipped with shields, deadly exploding mines and kamikaze pilots.

Tech Faction

More interested in unraveling the mysteries of the universe than fighting, the tech faction has special ways with which to confuse the enemy. They are equipped with ships that can phase, shoot static energy fields and turn invisible.

Chaos Faction

Wild and unpredictable the chaos faction strive on everything that doesn't make sense in the universe. Their motto is "We'll find a way to make this work". They are equipped with fast moving ships, special ammo that can temporarily blind you and big lasers.