Pheugo by Mush dev studio

Pheugo game

General Information

Developer - Mush dev studio

Publisher - Mush dev studio

Release - Out Now

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Pheugo is a crazy 3D arcade action space odyssey game where you play 1 from 11 different heroes who must run, jump and throw their way to freedom.

Basically you are abducted by aliens and imprisoned in one of their maximum security plasma prison cages. These cages are scattered on and off different worlds and are often used as billboards or zoos on the side of highways, or at space stations and such.

Pheugo game

Any way one day whilst our hero is dreaming of freedom a rouge meteor smashes into their cage and the resulting impact destroys the cage and fuses one of the plasma binding balls into our hero. With a surge of energy and a new found taste of freedom our hero takes up the challenge and decides to make for the nearest warp gate to escape. .

Pheugo game

Unfortunately a fleet of alien mother ships stand between our hero and the warp gate. These mother ships beam down cyborg robots to try to capture or subdue you at any cost (even their own continued functioning). Noticing that all mother ships must be destroyed before our hero gets any closer to the warp gate our hero decides to free as many other fellow prisoners as they can by jumping up and grabbing the plasma binder balls on top of each cage.

The plasma balls are very powerful and would be perfect projectiles to throw at the evil mother ships. The newly free and very thankful ex prisoners temporarily take up the fight and join in on the mass breakout and chaos.

Pheugo game
Pheugo game

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