Violations Will Be Punished: Unleash Your Strategic Prowess in a Dystopian Solar System

Immerse Yourself in a Philosophical Journey: Violations Will Be Punished, an Old-School Turn-Based Strategy Game set in a Dystopian Solar System. Challenge Authoritarian Systems, Consumerism, and Mediocrity as You Rise from a Corporate Cog to the Mastermind of Humanity. Explore Deep Tactical Gameplay, Hours of Content, Adjustable Difficulty, and Create Your Own Missions in this Futuristic Sci-Fi Adventure. Let's Shape the Solar System's Destiny and Make It a Better Place!

General Information

Developer - Igor Galochkin

Publisher - Igor Galochkin

Genre - Turn-Based Strategy, Cyberpunk, Story Rich, Old School, Dystopian, Sci-fi, Dark Humor

Platform(s) - PC, Steam

Date Released - 24 Mar, 2023

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A cyberpunk turn-based/real-time strategy hybrid. Gather minerals and produce units amidst dynamic turn-based battles. You work for a dystopian corporation but then discover your true destiny: to rule the world from the shadows.

Violations Will Be Punished: Embark on an Epic Philosophical Journey in this Old-School Turn-Based Strategy Game.

Set in a Dystopian Solar System, you'll start as a cog in a soulless mega-corporation, but rise to become the mastermind of humanity.

Challenge Authoritarian Systems, Consumerism, and Mediocrity as you gather minerals, produce new units, and strategize in this immersive sci-fi adventure. With adjustable difficulty and extensive content including 6 factions, 8 campaigns, and 100+ missions, this game caters to TBS veterans, RTS players, and casual gamers alike.

Unleash your creativity with in-built editors to create your own missions, units, and factions. Engage in thrilling hotseat multiplayer skirmishes and shape the destiny of the Solar System. Join the quest to make the Solar System a better place and experience this thought-provoking, deep, and satirical game now!

violations-will-be-punished violations-will-be-punished

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