Warhammer 40,000: Darktide - Intense Co-op Action Shooter by Fatshark

Dive into the relentless chaos of Tertium Hive in Warhammer 40,000: Darktide, the latest co-op action shooter from the creators of Vermintide series, Fatshark. As a member of the Inquisition, battle bloodthirsty foes, master the art of WH40K gunplay, and face spontaneous challenges with adaptability. Customize your character, explore the dystopian world, and emerge victorious against the forces of Chaos!

General Information

Developer - Fatshark

Publisher - Fatshark

Genre - Warhammer 40K, Gore, Adventure, Online Co-Op, PvE, Multiplayer, FPS

Platform(s) - PC, Steam, Xbox Series X/S

Date Released - 30 Nov, 2022

Take back the city of Tertium from hordes of bloodthirsty foes in this intense and brutal action shooter. Warhammer 40,000: Darktide is the new co-op focused experience from the award-winning team behind the Vermintide series. As Tertium falls, Rejects Will Rise.

Experience the grim and brutal universe of Warhammer 40,000 like never before

In Darktide, the thrilling co-op action shooter developed by Fatshark. Set in the sprawling city of Tertium Hive, your mission is to reclaim the city from the clutches of a sinister force threatening to drown it in darkness.

Co-op Mayhem and Relentless Combat:

Darktide is a co-op adventure where teamwork is paramount. Wandering too far from your team risks capture by foes like the slavering Chaos Hound or the cunning Moebian Trapper. Once caught, only your allies can save you, emphasizing the importance of unity in the face of relentless enemies. Engage in intense gunplay and visceral melee combat, feeling the impact of every strike, swing, and shot.

Customize Your Warrior, Choose Your Fate:

Craft your unique character, shaping their appearance, voice, and origin. Select your class, defining your character’s traits and skill sets for battle. Are you a battle-hardened veteran, a sharp-witted outsider, or a fervent zealot? Your choices will influence your role in the fight against Chaos.

Explore the Unforgiving World of Tertium Hive:

Tertium Hive is a dystopian nightmare, from scorching industrial factories to rain-soaked water maintenance zones plagued by acid showers. As an agent of the Inquisition, your missions will take you to the depths of this unforgiving landscape, where dangers lurk around every corner. Face the challenges of this hostile environment or succumb to its harsh realities.

Adapt and Overcome:

Chaos is unpredictable, and Darktide introduces conditions-mutators, injecting spontaneous challenges into your missions. Your team must adapt swiftly, altering tactics and loadouts to meet these unexpected trials head-on. The ability to adjust on the fly can mean the difference between victory and defeat against the relentless forces of darkness.

Embrace the Rejects’ Determination:

In the heart of Tertium Hive, the Rejects rise against the encroaching Chaos. Your innate toughness, your determination to press on despite the pain, recharges only in the proximity of your strike team. Forge bonds with your allies, trust in their skills, and stand together in the face of an overwhelming tide of darkness.

Prepare for unrelenting action, heart-pounding challenges, and the relentless fight against Chaos. Enter the world of Warhammer 40,000: Darktide today, where the fate of Tertium Hive hangs in the balance, and the Rejects are its last hope.

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