How it works to list information about your game or idea with us

We have made the process very simple, We have a form for you to fill in.

Why a form?

It allows us to be in contact with you. We Strongly believe all ideas deserve repect and we need to speak to the individuals or teams behind them.

Why did you move off Patreon

Patreon was good but in the current global situation we do not feel a monthly fee is fair on the people who list with us. It worked at the time when our idea was growing, now we want to try a new approcah and be more responsive to the people who list with us.

So what next

To get started with us, please fill in the form below, we have a few things cooking and hope to server these up to everyone in the next few months.

Application form

Note: Automatic responses are not enabled on this form. I will personally be in contact as soon as possible.

Add any further information you want to talk about here.

1. We will not sell or pass on any of your information ever with out your consent.

2. All correspondence between us and yourself or your company is confedential between VoxOdyssey and you.

3. We will not publish information about you or your idea without your consent. All the art and information we recieve remains copyright to you or the person(s) who created the idea.

4. If one day you do decided to leave your information will remain on the website until you ask us to remove it

By hitting apply and completing the application form you agree to these simple terms.