Tribe: Primitive Builder – Explore, Build, Survive on the Mysterious Island!

Embark on an epic journey in Tribe: Primitive Builder, a game by Space Boat Studios, Polyslash, Baked Games S.A., and PlayWay S.A. Explore a mysterious island, gather resources, construct a thriving village, and lead your tribe to survival. Face challenges, hunt for food, and make strategic decisions to save your tribe from destruction!

General Information

Developer - Space Boat Studios, Polyslash, Baked Games S.A.

Publisher - PlayWay S.A.

Genre - Open World, Resource Management, Story Rich, Adventure, First-Person, Fishing, Singleplayer

Platform(s) - PC

Date Released - 12 Oct, 2023

Available On


Explore the mysterious island of exiles. Gather resources, craft, build a settlement. Meet the locals, create your own tribe, automate and manage. Hunt, take care of your sleep, food and water. Chillout in the world of Tribe. But remember, only you can save it from destruction.

Embark on a Mysterious Island Adventure

Dive into the enchanting world of Tribe: Primitive Builder, where you find yourself on a mysterious island of exiles. Discover the secrets of this uncharted land, face challenges, and explore undiscovered places. Encounter a dangerous volcano, mysterious characters, and mystical tribals. Your survival skills will be put to the test. Will you thrive or succumb to the challenges that lie ahead?

Master the Art of Exploration:

As the builder, your voice carries weight among the tribe's elders. Utilize your position to restore your tribe's glory. Explore the island's diverse environments, leveraging the natural resources to your advantage. Plan your actions meticulously; one wrong decision might lead to your civilization's downfall. Uncover hidden treasures and secrets, but be cautious – danger may lurk in unexplored territories.

Construct and Thrive:

Build a thriving village by upgrading structures and utilizing acquired materials. Provide your tribe with shelter, food, and work. Perform rituals to unlock new blueprints, allowing you to create grander and sturdier buildings. Balance expansion carefully; expanding too quickly may lead to starvation, while slow expansion might leave you ill-prepared for future challenges. Your strategic choices will shape the fate of your tribe.

Earn the Trust of Your Tribe:

Gain the trust of your fellow villagers by following the guidance of the elders, completing tasks, and immersing yourself in the main story. Building trust is crucial; during difficult times, your tribe's support will be invaluable. Lead with wisdom and empathy to ensure the unity and survival of your community.

Craft Tools and Hunt for Survival:

Craft essential tools such as knives and axes to conquer the wilds. Hunting is vital for sustenance; gather meat to satisfy your hunger and that of your villagers. Work alongside the natives, learning their ways to acquire food. In this challenging environment, hunger must not prevail within the village – your resourcefulness and skills are your tribe's lifeline.

Strategic Expansion and Survival:

Guide the growth of your village with careful consideration. Manage the pace of expansion to meet your tribe's needs. Expand too rapidly, and starvation might plague your community. Expand too slowly, and you risk being ill-prepared for impending challenges. Find the delicate balance between growth and sustainability. Can you lead your tribe to a thriving existence amid the island's mysteries? The survival of your people rests in your hands.

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