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Mystery Science Theater 2600 a hack by Tim Snider and Hozer on the Atari 2600

Tim Snider created Mystery Science Theater 2600 as a tribute to MSTK3K upon hearing it was leaving the air. This is a graphic hack of Megamania

General Information

Developer - Tim Snider

Publisher - Hozer

Release - 1999

Platform(s) - Atari 2600

Number of Players - 1 - 2

Genre - shoot 'em up

Where Tim first learned how to use ShowGFX to modify a game's graphics. An innovative hack that combines a classic game with a funny TV show. The game is Activision's Megamania, and the show is Mystery Science Theater. You'll recall this show as the one that makes fun of really bad old "B" horror flicks like "The Crawling Hand" and "Robot Monster". Now, instead of shooting household appliances Megamania-style, you'll fire on bizarre creatures inspired from these old movies. Unfortunately, like the original Megamania, it's often difficult to discern what most of these things are supposed to be, although the humorous instruction manual will help you out. Player and Enemy sprites have been changed to resemble elements from the popular 90's Television program, Mystery Science Theater 3000.


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